Flaws and Weaknesses

A couple of days ago, I got my first critique of New L.A. There were positives such as “I think you have a real talent and a fascinating imagination” and “This is a really interesting storyline with fascinating plot twists.” That said, it also pointed out flaws and weaknesses as well. And that got me started thinking about flaws and weaknesses. Today’s world seems to look down at flaws, and as a result, we all try to hide them and accentuate our positives. I’m doing it right now in this blog post, quoting some of the positives while not mentioning the negatives. But, we are all human, and we all have flaws that we would rather not show the world. And if the world sees our flaws, we tend to be attacked for it, and we get defensive. But no matter who you are, we all have flaws. I know I have mine.
That was something I wanted in my book. Every character in New L.A. has flaws and weaknesses. Some, the flaws are on full display, but others keep them hidden real well. But they are there. And these characters will make mistakes. The story changed direction at one point because of a mistake a character made when I wrote a conversation. I realized I like the direction it went. In fact, one of my hopes is that I would eventually have discussions with my readers about characters motivations, where they are going and what made them who they are. It’s a conversation I still hope happens someday, because I think the readers’ insights can influence the story. I think it might be nice to not be writing in a vacuum anymore (and I may look back at this post years from now and say, “What was I thinking!”).
But I also think we should strive to overcome our weaknesses. Writing this book was a step for me in that respect; putting myself out there is not something I do. Reading that critique, for me, was not easy initially for that very reason. But as I have had time to reflect and discuss, it has given me things to think about and address in future books. Thus, I can learn and grow and become better at this craft I have chosen to pursue. And in the end, that is what we should all do. Use our weaknesses to learn and grow and become better people.

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