The Importance of Routine

Lately I have been thinking about how important routine is to the process of writing.  When I first started writing New L.A., it was just an interesting side project.  I had done some sporadic writing over the years, most recently some Star Wars Fan Fiction based on my old Star Wars RPG campaigns.  But I wanted to do something that was all mine.  So, I started writing a new story in a world I created years ago.

Early on, I was just thinking of this story as a series of short stories that I would post online.  But, at that point, I wasn’t serious about it yet, so I would do a chapter or two a week, stumbling my way through the story.  But I wasn’t focused, my priority being other things in my life.  My mom started reading my chapters that I was writing and said she would edit if I ever wanted to get serious about it.  One afternoon three months later, when I was about halfway through what is now the current book, I did some research and I got serious.

Corey watching me write less than a month before her death

At this point, I established a routine for writing.  Five days a week, during a certain time of day, I would be working on the book, either writing, outlining, or anything else to push the progress of the book along.  I did the first half of the book in three months.  The second half, I wrote in just under two months.  Would’ve gotten it done faster if life hadn’t gotten in the way with our cat getting sick and passing away.

I think I am thinking about this topic because I am trying to get back into my routine.  The month of March has been very disruptive to my routine with my family visiting from California.  Love having them out here and going to Spring Training games with them, but I didn’t get much done on the next book while they were here.  And it’s already looking like I’m going to have more disruptions coming in about a month a half, which I will write about closer to when that is happening.  But that is the way of life.  It’s going to disrupt your routine, but I feel, as a writer, trying to maintain your routine is important to keeping up your work flow.  I’m just hoping my life can calm down for a bit so I can get back into my routine.

Yankees Spring Training Game, March 2016

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