When I was working in theatre, it gave me the opportunity to really see this country.  I’ve crisscrossed this country several times.  My old program bio said something like, Nathan has worked at theatres on both coasts and points in-between.  I’ve had jobs in California, Massachusetts, Texas, Indiana, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Florida, West Virginia, and Oklahoma.  And whenever I moved from one job to the next, I would drive.  And I would drive back home to California whenever I had downtime (usually a month or two around January).  So, I have seen a lot of the roads in this country to the point I know where the good places to stop are (either for gas, lodging, or just to rest).  I have interesting stories from my trips, like almost running out of gas in Wyoming in the middle of the night and finding a gas station with a working pump just when I needed it, like an oasis in the desert.  Or driving home to California while sick, and taking a couple of nap breaks on the last day in Holbrook, Az and a rest area in the middle of the Mojave Desert on I-40.  Most of the time, these drives consist of beautiful scenery and my music blaring out of my stereo as the miles tick by.

Well, I don’t get to travel much anymore.  I haven’t left the state of Florida in just over a year, and have only gone over two hours from our place just once in the past year.  And for the most part, I’ve been ok with that as the last few trips have been on roads that I’ve driven multiple times and had gotten quite boring.  There are some places I would like to drive to someday, but that will have to wait.  But, I do have some traveling in the future now.

Due to circumstances I’m not going to get into here, in the next two months, I’m making not one, but two cross-country drives.  The first one will be a solitary drive from Southern California back to Florida.  And the thing I’m excited about with that drive is I’m going to drive some road I’ve never driven before.  Usually, when going through Texas, I cut up north to see family and I’ve never driven the more southern route on I-10 across the whole state.  This time, I will be, as I plan on seeing family on the second trip.  The second trip will be with my family, and I’m not sure what the exact route will be as it hasn’t been decided.  We will be driving from the San Francisco Bay Area to Florida, and we will pass through the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex to see family.

The downside with all of this traveling is its going to put a kink in my writing.  I’m not going to get much done on that front during this time.  On the plus side, it will give me a lot of time to think and mull things over.  Often during my writing process, I would play scenes over and over in my head until I hit something that seems to work.  Then, I will write it and the characters will put their own spin on it.  But, I will have plenty of time to go over scenes in my head.  And I may pass through a locale that will inspire me and use it as a location.  Wouldn’t be the first time that has happened.

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