The Process

Nathan outlining at the beach, May 2016

So, it’s been about two months since my last blog post.  A long silence from me, I know.  So, why no posts?  Well, I have been in writing mode for the next book.  My energies have been directed there and the blog has fallen by wayside, as a result.  Well then, where are we at on that?

Good question.  I have now finished the rough draft of the next book, titled The Mirror Initiative.  It continues the story started in New L.A., but I’m trying to shape it in such a way that it can stand on its own.  I want the story to be good on its own, but if you have read New L.A., you’ll get more out of it.  We’ll see how good of a job I did soon enough.

The next step is the editing process.  Right now, I’m taking a week off to decompress and separate myself rom the story so I can come back and look at things from an objective standpoint.  I’ll then do a read through, where I already know I’m going to make some revisions while doing that.  Meanwhile, my primary editor is busy reading through the rough draft.  After I decompress and do my read through, I will start meeting with her and we’ll work our way through the book making more revisions.  As a new draft comes together from that process, I will start sending copies of those to my two other editors.  One of them, my wife, will make what I call the “I don’t get it” pass.  She reads through and anything that she doesn’t get through the text, we’ll discuss and make revisions to make things clearer.  Finally, the other editor does a proofreading pass, making sure things are spelled and punctuated correctly.  Finally, I read through one last time and make sure I’m happy with it after all the revisions.  After that, I put it all together and put it into production.  That step usually involves commissioning a cover and then converting into e-book formats.  I get back an e-book proof that I then go through and make sure it all still looks good.  After I approve the proof, it gets distributed to wherever you end up buying your e-book copy from.

So how long is this going to take?  Well, for New L.A., from finishing the rough draft to releasing to the world, it was 3 ½ months.  But part of that time was during the holidays, which slowed the process up.  My personal goal is to have it out by Thanksgiving, but we’ll see how it goes.

And what am I’m going to do in the meantime while not editing.  I’m going to start working on the third book, which will complete this “trilogy”.  Right now, I know where that story will start and where it is going to end, but there are details in the middle I need to figure out.  I’m also going to do some world-building for an off-shoot story that is connected, but takes place in an entirely different setting.  So, I’m staying busy and we’ll all see how this goes.

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